Cranwell’s Horned Frog

Published By: Hari Palguna Wed, Dec 19th, 2012

Common Name: Argentine Horned Frog

Indonesia Name: Katak Pacman Cranwell

Latin Name: Ceratophrys ornata

Classification: Order Anura, Leptodactylidae Family

Description: Having a relatively large body size, females can grow up to the length from 11 to 16.5 cm. Backs frog usually has green and dark brown, sometimes with shades of orange and yellow. Green color scheme helps in disguise, these animals love to live in an area or areas of mossy trees to avoid predators or to camouflage while looking for food. Although generally not active, they are aggressive eaters, and can jump several times the length of his body, to capture prey. Female frog has a larger size, while males are smaller and have the skin of the finger pads on the front legs as adults.

Behavior: This frog is active at night and rest with their eyelids open, but have mebran on the eyes (mebran nicktitan) that closes to protect the eyes. In a state of urgency or risk the frog will jump towards the opponent or biting his opponent with a structure that resembles the teeth on both jaws.

Reproduction: female frog eggs capable of producing up to 2000 items and was placed on the water surface with plasma as covered by mucus. The eggs will hatch after 2 weeks will hatch and become tadpoles.

Feeding: They include carnivores, feeding primarily on insects and small animals.

Habitat: This frog likes damp places near water sources and prefer hiding among rumpu-grass, leaves and moss. The frog is spread in the rainforest Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.



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