Dumpy Tree Frog

Published By: Hari Palguna Tue, Dec 18th, 2012

Common Name: Dumpy Tree frog
Indonesia Name: Katak Pesek
Latin Name: Litoria caerulea
Order Anura, Hylidae Family

The body length of adult male frogs reach 7 cm, while the female frog body length reached 11.5 cm. The dorsal body emerald green with little white spots or golden spread from the mouth to the back and the end of the legs. The ventral part of the body tends to milky white. Frog’s leg pads tend to be larger. His eyes had corneal horizontal black, while some members of the tribe Hylidae most other vertical. In the skin there is a cuticle that serves to maintain body moisture. The skin on the throat male frogs thinner and wrinkles because it has pockets voice used when mating season arrives, these bags gray. While the skin on the throat and other body parts on a female frog thicker as fat.
Behavior: This frog is active during the day and night (not erratic, depending on environmental conditions). In the dry season, the frog will hide dirt holes, decayed wood and rocks and holes smeared with mucus to retain moisture hideout.

Reproduction: Sexual maturity of male and female frogs roughly after the age of 2-3 months. This frog mating season occurs during the rainy season. When the season is going to speak to the male frogs attract females. Next they will move to an area close to freshwater areas. Female frog will produce 150-300 eggs which will hatch after 3 days old. frogs after metamorphosis will begin to hatch body formed as adult frogs take up to 2 weeks.

Feed: This is a kind of frog-eaters various types of insects (insectivores), such as crickets, cockroaches, butterflies, moths, mosquitoes and some other insects.

Habitat: This frog has a high ability to adapt to its environment. Her body was able to control the evaporation according to the state of the environment. These capabilities can be seen from the surface of the skin. This frog prefers moist and wet areas, such as rainforests.

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