Published By: Rizal Aditya Tue, Dec 4th, 2012

YOGYA, Loka Zoo perform a traditional ceremony to mark the starting of Gembira Loka Zoo Development Bird Park, Wednesday (3/10). The ceremony traditionally hosted in the central development of Gembira Loka Zoo Bird Park, which is where it is planned to be built plaza. As usual on such occasions Gembira Loka Z00 done according to traditional Javanese , which is doing prayer together and cut the cone that comes with its completeness Gembira Loka Zoo According to Managing Director, KMT.A.Tirtodiprojo Bird Park of Gembira Loka Zoo land area occupies 4500 m2, and then be populated by a collection of various types of birds, including the types of local birds Indonesia and the types of exotic birds imported from abroad. Various types of exotic birds to be imported from abroad, namely penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri), flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber), mandarin duck (Aix galericulata). KMT.A.Tirtodiprojo also said that the project will be completed in May 2013 is expected in the first half of the school holidays I was able to be visited by students scheduled school holidays Gembira Loka Zoo. (H.Pe).

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