Tlatar Water Districts Sights Boyolali

Published By: Hari Palguna Mon, Dec 17th, 2012

Sights Tlatar Boyolali Water is one of three mainstays UPTD Department of Tourism and Culture Boyolali district, Central Java. Sightseeing is located in water approximately 5 km from the district capital, which can be reached from the Public Transport Terminal Tlatar or Boyolali-Solo Road, on the way to the north approximately 4 miles through winding roads, right left outspread paddy fields, villages, and estates of the people, it will get Tlatar hamlet, village Kebonbimo, Boyolali district. Sightseeing is precisely the east main road, approximately 200 m.

Sights Tlatar water rides that offer some type include: Fishing, restaurant with typical dishes of fish, water playground, landscape, pool, spa fish Gararufa sp., And wood ball is a pretty interesting sights in the countryside, but unfortunately the management seems less than optimal. Abundant water resources make the region is able to make the type of water to cool the heat. Amount to the two swimming pools, each of which is quite extensive, whether for children or for adults. The pool seems to be a flagship vehicle.

Sights Air Tlatar many domestic tourists visited on holidays and specific events such as ‘Padusan’*) before entering the month of fasting, Eid and others.

*) Padusan, meaning bathing as a form of self purification before fasting

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