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Bougainvillea (Bougenvillia sp.) Is one type of ornamental plants, wood trunked, small, standing and difficult growing up. These plants tend to propagate. If flowering bougainvillea looks beautiful, though beauty is not implied by the true flowers, but the flower spathe (leaf guards) which protects the true flowers are small. Bougainvillea flower-shaped sheath specific, thin and hard like plastic or paper. Color same as the sheath bougainvillea flowers among other things: red, Maroun, orange, pink, purple, yellow and white.
Bougainvillea is a plant from South America has become one of the popular ornamental plants in the tropics because of their beautiful color of the flower, and not easily wilt, and the plant is not difficult to maintain.
Bougainvillea not flowering
Frequently encountered bougainvillea plants well maintained with lush planting medium, watered and do not indicate precisely cut twigs of this plant flowering. If the number of flowering rose only slightly. Precisely showing leafy leaves of fresh green. Please note only flowering bougainvillea at the ends of branches, twigs course with cutting edge will cause the plant is not flowering.
Treatment That Flowering Bouganvillea
This plant will bloom if the reduction in the provision of water and fertilizer, as well as full sunlight throughout the day. Tip to do in order to fully and uniformly flowering bougainvillea of uprooting plants from the media cropping, cut all the roots, stems and clean the base of the stem and the leaves are still on the branches. Wash with water until it is completely clean and hanging and winds for between 15-20 days. Planted back in a fertile growing media, media flush with water, and place the plant in full sun for at least 6 hours a day. Wait until the plant grows branches, removing the leaves and will meet all the branches of flowering plants.

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