Published By: Hari Palguna Mon, Dec 31st, 2012

KatakBbPutihCommon Name : White-lipped Tree Frog

Indonesian Name: Katak Bibir Putih

Latin Name         : Litoria infrafrenata

Order Anura,  Family Hylidae

Description: This frog can reach a length of more than 13 cm (5 inches). Females are larger than males, and males frogs generally only reach 10 cm (4 inches). The dorsal surface is usually bright green, although the color changes depending on the temperature and the background, and can be brown. Ventral surface white. Lower lip has a distinct white line, which continues to form until the shoulder. There are white lines on the trailing edge of the lower leg, which can turn pink in males. White Lip Tree Frog has a big leg pads, which helps to climb. Toes webbed totally and partially webbed hands.

Behavior: This frog has a very loud voice. When the rainy season arrives voice serves to attract females. Frog with a loud voice and hard at the preferred female. This frog solitary life, not groups. Just like other frogs, frogs are active night. during the day will hide behind litter, rocks and tree holes. but in general these frogs prefer to live in a tree hole.

Reproduction: male frogs are smaller than females. To lure the females, the males must sing loud and shrill. Frogs females produce thousands of eggs. The breeding season occurs during the rainy season.

Feed: In general, these animals eat different kinds of arthropods and insects.

Habitat: This frog’s native habitat is rainforest areas. This frog likes moist areas, near water.

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